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TwiceTouch® is a man-down device for the detection and signalling of emergencies. This man-down solution, created to protect lone workers and people at risk, is based on a man-down App that allows you to quickly report and manage the emergency caused by possible fainting, illness or accident.

Born in 2009 with the first Symbian-based smartphones, TwiceTouch® has undergone various developments. Today, it represents a point of reference for the management of man-down emergencies for lone workers.

Consolidated Security Text

L.D. NO. 81/2008

The increasingly frequent request for greater safety for the lone worker, which has become law with Legislative Decree 81/2008 “Consolidated Safety Act“, recalls the importance of ensuring a quick communication to rescue services in the event of an accident at the workplace. It can therefore be affirmed that providing lone workers with a man-down device falls within the protection not only of the worker at risk, but also of the employer.

Use: from the request for man-down rescue to the emergency management


With this man-down App, thanks to a simple smartphone, the system is able to send an aid request (voluntarily or automatically) and to locate the user in real time, thanks to the sending of GPS positions. In case of need, the lone worker only has to press the emergency button on the man-down device to send the request for aid and the coordinates for the localization.

Thanks to the “Man-down” function, TwiceTouch® is also able to automatically detect the absence of movement and falls from above and to send a “man-down” alarm to alert the emergency services in the event of fainting, illness or accident.

dispositivo per il rilevamento uomo a terra


Our company has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification, regarding:

“Design and development of integrated systems and both standard and customized hardware and software solutions connected on GNSS and radio frequency technology, for mobile solutions and for the safety of lone workers“.




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sectors with isolated workers

Main areas of application of the man-down app

The TwiceTouch® man-down App allows you to protect all lone workers and isolated people. Thanks to the multiple customization possibilities, this man-down system can be used in various sectors, both for professional and private scope.


In the company environment, the man-down device is mainly used for all those who work in not directly controllable environments and in solitary working conditions. These include those who carry out maintenance and remediation activities, jobs at high altitudes or on construction sites, in addition to those engaged in security and heavy industry. The safety device is also used by workers who carry out their business outside the office or who work at times when there are no other colleagues. These categories include, for example, plumbers, electricians, carriers, night guards, pharmacists, concierges, gas men, health personnel, cleaners and domestic assistants.


Even for the private scope TwiceTouch® is essential as a man-down device for personal safety to protect elderly people, children, disabled people, women in risky situations, etc.

the main functions for the safety of lone workers

Man-down detection APP TwiceTouch®

TwiceTouch® is a man-down software for the protection and localization of isolated people and lone workers and for the detection and reporting of emergencies.

The man-down App can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and allows to send an emergency call and to locate the worker in danger in real time, both indoor (using radio technology and BLE devices) and outdoor, thanks to the use of GNSS (GPS-Glonass).

To benefit from the service, simply install the App on your Android Smartphone and enter the activation code provided by Engim. It is therefore not necessary to purchase dedicated man-down devices.

The configuration is simple, user-friendly and customizable.


Alternatively, the Customer can opt for an all-inclusive service, by purchasing a dedicated smartphone device, set up and tested at our offices.

Depending on the needs and the contexts of use, we offer different hardware solutions. All man-down devices are solid and robust: they have IP68 certificates (to guarantee complete protection from dust and immersion up to 1m) and are industrial-rugged, therefore able to withstand even in the most extreme conditions.

By a specific configuration, it is also possible to make the man-down App “blocking”, setting it always in the foreground and automatically starting when the man-down device is switched on.

Quick calls

By pressing a simple button, you can make voice calls to preset numbers.

Panic button

By pressing a simple button, the operator in danger can send a geo-localized alarm via voice call/sms/gprs (web management system).

Man down

Sending an automatic alarm in case of absence of movement, thus allowing to promptly detect fainting or falls.

dispositivo per il rilevamento uomo a terra - man down

Absence mode

If the operator does not interact to prove his presence within the pre-set time limit, the emergency procedure starts automatically.

Rotary log

The system keeps in memory the history of the information that is tracked and stored. When the log reaches its maximum size, the oldest events are dynamically deleted.


It allows to detect the operator's position in danger, via GPS coordinates (outdoor) or radio beacon (indoor).

The man-down device can also act as a mobile phone. In fact, the alerted person can call the lone worker in an emergency to verify his condition, avoid false alarms and alert the rescuers in case of need, also indicating the exact location of the event thanks to the satellite coordinates.


The TwiceTouch® man-down App respects the privacy: if opened by the user, it sends the coordinates of the operator’s position via sms/gprs/voice only when the emergency is detected and the distress call is made. Furthermore, if the lone worker closes the application, it is no longer possible to receive information on his status and position.


TwiceTouch® is not a D.P.I. as it does not have specific certifications generally required for security systems.
The TwiceTouch® man-down device is an additional support for security systems and does not in any way replace D.P.I. possibly in use.

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APP TwiceTouch®

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